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Late last winter, I was at my favorite watering hole, drinking beer of course, when two guys sat down next to me, faded and eroded koozies donned their tall-boys. I turn to the bartender, Lisa, asking if she had ever heard of koozies being called “beer rubbers.” Her eyes squinting and the corner of her mouth edging up, she responded, “I’ve never heard them called that.” Her response and my state of mind set me on a path of innovation. Not long after, the first prototypes of “Beer Rubbers” were in production.
The term “Beer Rubber” has been around for a while. Legend has it that my brother Greg was the first to coin the name. Regardless of the origin name, “Beer Rubber,” captures the essence of the tool I have created, something “koozie” or “huggie” fall distinctly short of. Apart from providing a strong grip and keeping your warm hand off your beer, the term "Beer Rubber" serves as a reminder to "Practice Safe Drinking" or as we all should do, “Drink Responsibly”
Original Beer Rubber Product is patent pending. Both "Beer Rubbers" and "Practice Safe Drinking" are registered trademarks owned by Compass Solutions, LLC.